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220/ 3590


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TGL 220 PLUS (FORMER 220/3590)


  • Growing area: up to 140 x 70 cm
  • Flowering area: up to 135 x 65 cm
  • Consumption: 245 w
  • Spectrum: 3500º K
  • Suitable for: Full cycle, growth and flowering
  • Average production: 370 gr
  • Optimal production: 480 gr
  • Efficiency: 2.3 µmol / J
  • Dimensions: 80 cm (length) x 10 cm (width) x 8 cm (height)
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Plug & Play: Yes
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Components:
  • LED Type: COB Cree Cxb 3590
  • Power supply: Driver MeanWell XLG 240 M ABOL
  • Ventilation: 2 x Sunon fans
  • EU plug
  • Includes:
  • Pulleys: Yes
  • Screws: -
  • Warranty:
  • 2 years

Cultivo de marihuana en floración avanzada con LED from UNDERGROW TV on Vimeo.

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Brand: Fashion Manufacturer


** Includes pro-light pulley pack to hang and adjust it


More power, more area, more production.

  • New MeanWell XLG driver
  • 260w power
  • Greater cultivation area
  • Dimmable with external installable dimmer included

The new Evolution series are the improved version of the usual TGL 220. Now, with this more powerful model, you can cultivate up to 140 x 70 thanks to the new MeanWell XLG M-ABOL driver and its 260 watts of power. If you want to use your TGL 220 Evolution in smaller spaces (120 x 60) or with better electrical consumption, we have added as an extra an external dimmer that you can easily install in your luminaire, which will allow you to regulate the power according to the needs of your crop. This addition makes the new 220 Evolution super versatile equipment that adapts to different crop sizes and consumption.

The improved version of TGL 220 Classic. Its main difference lies in the chip with which it is equipped: The CREE Cxb 3590, which is 10% more efficient than the Cree 3070 of the TGL 220 Classic: It produces a little more and consumes a little less. The TGL 220 Plus offers you 4 integrated light points that will allow you to illuminate elongated spaces with a single luminaire from seed to harvest with greater efficiency than the TGL 220 Classic. With 2 units you can illuminate in the most efficient way a space from 1.20 x 1.20 cm to 1.40 x 1.40.

The 4 COB CREE Cxb 3590 LED light points offer a super efficient light dispersion in addition to a great light penetration that allows to achieve buds even in the lowest parts of the plant and a very short internodal distance.

They also have 2 integrated Sunon fans, which help keep the closet cool and move the air inside.

If you want to illuminate large spaces with the highest efficiency and at the best price, TGL 220 PLUS is your luminaire.



jul 5, 2019
Matériel de très bonne qualité, ne dissipant que très peu de chaleur .... le résultat est superbe et la qualité des plantes cultivées excelles en odeurs et goûts ...
Je recommande vivement sans modérations ....
Le ratio qualité productivité est excellent !!!


abr 26, 2019
I have this lamp for 4 years now, in a greenhouse outside. Despite the hot weather, dust etc...the lamp still works like on the first day. MUCH better results than I had as with my first light, which was a China plurple light. (CREE CXB3590 the best!!). I like that I can adjust the light on the LED driver. For early growth etc., you can turn the light all the way down. Even turned to maximum, the entire fixture only takes like 240-250W.

PS: I was the first who got this light with the CXB3590 LEDs, I had it custom built by TGL with the Meanwell HLG-240h-C1750 driver (not the HLG-185-C1400A). The HLG-240h has the advantage it can drive 2x of these fixtures (connected parallel) with only one driver. So I could later extend the light with another strip with 4x LEDs in parallel, for better coverage and it's even more effective. (All 8 LEDs only use like 250W and only when the driver is turned to maximum for flowering, each LED runs at about 31W. Plenty of light for 1.20x0.60. The heatsinks get barely even warm, might even work without fans at all when connected this way).

PS: I had it with glass lenses, but I think the lenses are not worth it. They make the fixtures very heavy, and dust falls into the lenses over time. The spread without lenses IMO is also better.
So if you want to grow like a pro, buy this!! 100% worth it.


ene 21, 2019
Increíble lámpara ,me cubre 1,20 x 0,60 totalmente no desprende nada de calor y super silenciosa recomendable 100%.gracias por productos top.
N Matthias


abr 11, 2018
Great Product - Actually one of the Best you can get! Good Service! I love this guys and their ServicE! - Greetings from good old Germany


mar 19, 2018
El mejor de todos los paneles. Con dos de ellos en 1,2m2 se puede sacar una producción increíble y flores que en seco se quiebran como caramelo gracias a la cantidad de resina que producen bajo estos cob. El consumo es muy bajo si lo comparas con un sodio y la producción va por encima de 1,3gr/w. Compra muy recomendable si buscas calidad en tu medicina y ahorrar en el consumo de luz.
A christian


mar 2, 2018
The Tgl-3590 is one of the best choice for growers who want only the best for his plants. even light distrubution in whole room means perfect amount of light & water consuption for evry plant. i have done many tests with this product and done many side bye side runs ( agains gavita DE 750 , CDM 315 watt fullspectrum and the quality of the product increased so much compared to the other lights.. i grown a strain for over 20 years and with Tgl-3590 that old strain smelled like never before - so sweet so frosty just absolutly perfect in evry aspect. if you think you are a good grower hitting 1.5 gram / watt with HPS-DE - do yourself a favor and try out TGL-3590.
passing 2g/watt was freaking awesome feeling ;)

Best regards ond keep up that amazing work ;)

Christian from Royal-CBD-GmbH
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