Why Todogrowled?

At Todogrowled we are proud to offer:

-A Continuous innovation in our products. As we have demonstrated with our experience since 2013 in the industry, we always focus on the latest technology in lighting. This way you can always choose us to have the best.

-Highest quality components. We work with brands referents in the sector; like Cree, Mean Well, Arctic, among others.

-Products made in Spain. As domestic manufacturing lamps is always easier to establish a direct and simple communication. In addition if you need any help installing lamps, repairs, guarantees... it's all faster and easier.

-The best commercial lamps according to the results per harvest. It is very important, when finalizing the cultivation, to be satisfied with the quality and quantity obtained. Stay calm and enjoy a great culture using our lamps.

-From the beginning we are avery strict company with what we manufacture. In led's world there are many sellers who overvalue their products and this makes the grower to have a lamp that does not meet the expectations. We prefer to say what is, unadorned with the truth ahead.

-We answer your questions within 24 hours. We are happy to answer your all questions about grow area size, how many lamps to place... We also do it very quickly, to get to your project wotking as soon as possible.