LED Grow Lights advantages

Ecological: the LED light is up to 80% less polluting than other luminaries, this is a factor to consider, and raise awareness among all for us to continue polluting the planet.

Minimum consumption: Particularly our lights are very close to the figure of 200 lumens per watt, is a huge savings compared with traditional HPS lamps sodium and even exceed comfortably the CFL or misnamed energy saving lamps. By choosing our TGL with only 50% power you get better results than with any other traditional lighting system.

Very little heat: The LED grow lights for cultivation, low heat emission allows us to crop throughout the year, even in warmer climates, something unthinkable with classical luminaries. Besides the advantage of not needing massive extraction or ventilation equipment with consequent savings.

Better distribution of light: in Todogrowled we think is better to divide the power of our lamps on several points of light, in order to cover a larger area and reach every corner. LEDs do allow fully effective and can locate each light point or LED above a plant or group of plants.

No need to change bulbs each crop: The TGL and our Cree LEDs have a life 5 times larger than a sodium bulb. This translates into convenience and savings for the grower.

Better light: Quality is the most important thing at the end of each crop, so we have an optimal spectrum that produces an incredible harvest.