-Do TGL lights work for growing and flowering?

Yes, of curse. Our lights have mixed spectrum but oriented for a perfect flowering. After a lot of tests we have chosen this luminic wave so we can offer a complete product that fits-all of the plant stages.

-Do i have to make any type of installation to start using TGL lights?

No, TGL lights are "plug and play", plug and grow in this case. All you need is eager to start and enjoy your indoor.

-Do they plug directly into the stream?

Yes, that's what the drivers are for.

-Do TGL lights generate too much heat?

No, in our TGL-STAR we have a passive heat sink that allows optimal cooling of the LED. In the case of the TGL-220 we use 2 powerful and quiet Sunon fans to dissipate the heat produced by the LEDs. In percentages we could be talking about 80% less than a 400W sodium lamp.

-What does passive dissipation means?

It means the lamp doesn't need a fan or any other cooling system besides its own aluminum dissipator. This is an advantage because it doesn't make any noise or extra cost.

-Do i have to make any change to go from growing to flowering?

You just have to change the time the lights are on and off. Normally they are 18-20h. ON while growing and 12h. ON while flowering.

-Do i have to change the LED each year?

No, the expected lifetime of our leds is about 5 years of continuous grow. Once this period has ended the leds should be checked to see if they have any loss of efficiency.

-Do TGL lights need any maintenance?

It's good to clean the lamps and fans of those lights that have them once per grow cycle. The best momment for this is at the end of the growing period. You can clean them with a slightly damp cloth, by blowing air...

-Is the flowering period the same time as with sodium lights?

Many growers have noticed a lightly shorter flowering cycle, which allows us to enjoy before our harvest.

-Whats the average area i can cover with TGL lights?

With the TGL can cover any grow area, from very small spaces due, for example, to the characteristics of TGL-STAR, to the largest crops that we can imagine. The case of elongated TGLs, like the TGL-220, allows us with all possibilities, to have narrow and long grows. They adapt perfectly to grows of 0.6m x 10m. (for example), and allows us to directly access all the plants since they are at an optimal distance to work with them. Combining the TGL-STAR can make spaces in "L", square, in short, everything that comes to mind.

Each TGL-STAR 60 gives us a maximum flowering area of ​​0.5x0.5 meters. Growing until 0.6x0.6 meters.

The TGL-220 give us a flowering area of ​​1.2x0.6 meters. In growth the area expands to 1.4x0.7 meters.

-How much production can i expect with TGL lights?

Overall average in our customers cops is about 1.4 grams per watt (g/W). This is not a mathematical rule, is just an orientation, an average. In fact you can overpass that and reach 1.7 grams per watt with led model 3070 and 1.9 grams with led model 3590.

-Whats the maximum production i can get per m2?

Per square meter, in optimum conditions you can harvest about 700gr.

It's not necessay to cover all growing area with lights or put too many watts. With 400W-500W we can obtain the higher yields.

To have a normal crop per m2 (between 300 and 400 g.) Is sufficient with about 240W of our TGL-STAR for example.

-In models with fans or active dissipation, is the noise annoying?

We work with silent components, fans such as Arctic or Sunon, which always ensures a great flow of air with minimum noise. The TGL-220 is very quiet, you will not even notice that the fans are working.

To give a practical example, 4 fans produce a sound less than 1 clamp fan to remove the air through the box.

-What kind of LED do TGL lighs use?

Currently the TGL assemble the CREE CXB chips, specifically the 3070 and 3590 models with the highest BIN, top of range, assuring the best quality in the lighting. Our R & D department is in charge of evaluating options or alternatives to improve our current lights, so we will always have the best cultivation lamps.

A guarantee when choosing us.

-Can i combine TGL lights with other type of lights?

Yes, you can add to improve other luminaries to increase production or crop area. Also to start changing the old lights in large spaces. Once the TGL are put into cultivation is a matter of time to replace all old equipment.

-What are the best distances for growing and flowering?

There are no fixed rules on distances, but we can give some basic instructions. We recommend putting the TGL as separate as possible at the beginning, without letting the plants reach a long stretch or "glean", and let them get closer. Putting them too close can cause stress to plants in the first weeks of life.

In growth they will be about 60cm.
In flowering they will be about 25 cm.

We have a table of distances in the content of our Blog with more specific indications for each lamp.

-Are there differences between the types of substrate used?

The TGL give maximum performance in hydroponics or aeroponics. Although the most common is to cultivate land and / or coconut, is this case we recommend a well ventilated and loose substrate, as with any other luminaire.

-How long until i get my order?

All shippings are sent within 24 hours after the purchase.
We work with Correos Express and UPS, leaders in transport in Spain and Europe respectively.

In case an item is not in stock, the customer will be informed as soon as possible.

-How much does shipping cost?

Orders inside Spain up to 200€ shipping costs - 4,90€.
Orders inside Spain over 200€ shipping costs - FREE SHIPPING

Orders inside Europe up to 400€ shipping costs - 14,90€.
Orders inside Europe over 400€ shipping costs - FREE SHIPPING

-Can i pay on delivery?

Yes, only if your residence is in Europe.

This form of payment has a fixed supplement of € 9.90 that is automatically added to the order when choosing this option.

-What can I do if my shipment is damaged?

Shipments insured for the total value of the order. Totally free for the client.In case of damage to the order and claim is essential: 
-Make a photo of the damaged parts, original packaging and shipping label. 
-Notify it within 48 hours after receiving the product.Once the information provided is considered, we will proceed to assess the damages and send a new product to replace the damaged one, said item will be picked up by UPS. We will apply these actions as long as it is proven that the damage or breakage is due to a failure in the transport of the merchandise.

-Is there a warranty?

Yes, we have 2 year warranty on all our TGL. Besides, because we are in Spain, in Asturias to be precise, the procedures are much faster.

-The TGL-220 are adjustable, what does this mean?

It means that you can lower the power even more if you would like to have more savings in your electricity bill.

-How are they regulated?

To regulate them, we have to get to the driver. There we see a small rubber cap on top we must remove to access a screw inside the driver. 

Turning this screw to the left we will lower ligths power, turning it to the right we will increase lights power.

We recommend having a consumption controller connected to the lamp during the process to see how many "W" are being used and at what point we want to leave it.

- Do TGL-STAR 100 lamps have a regulator?

No, this model needs an external regulator / potentiometer to adjust the power of 100K. In the assembly of this luminaire we leave the cable so that, whichever you want, you can connect the potentiometer. Without the regulator it will give the power for which it is configured (100W), it is not necessary to adjust the lamp for the crop, with 100W we can get to cover 0.7x0.7m