Todogrowled TGL full spectrum guide

Todogrowled TGL full spectrum guide
Due to the incorporation in our catalog of the Citizen versions of our TGL STAR 60 and TGL STAR 100 models, which implement the 3000k and 4000k spectrum in the STAR range, we bring you this brief guide that will guide you when choosing the temperature of color that best suits the needs of your crop.

Before presenting the guide, we will make clear two fundamental concepts to understand this topic:

- When we talk about 3k or 4k, we talk about color temperature, which is nothing more than the predominance of one color or another in white light. It is measured in degrees Kelvin (k) and to a smaller number, we will get a warmer light (more similar to, for example, the evening light) and the higher that number is. a cooler light (more similar to, for example, the midday light of a clear day). When we talk about cold or warm light we talk about the hue, the color temperature has no relation to the heat emitted by the light source, in this case the LED.

Color of a black object from 1000 to 12000 K

Not only have to look at the power or color temperature of the lamp, but also its color index (CRI).

- The CRI is a value independent of the color temperature, that is, the color of the light emitted by the source. The range in the color rendering index ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the "perfect" value. The higher the CRI, the more similar to sunlight will be the one emitted by that source and will have a spectrum very similar to the light absorption graph of the plants.

Once we have clear these two concepts, we can apply them to our crop:

All TGLs are full spectrum, that is, all lamps will serve you for the complete growing cycle, but some are more suitable than others if we only want to use them in growth or flowering. The most specific characteristics of each option will be seen below:

  • 3000K - If you are looking to boost flowering:
This full spectrum is especially indicated to boost flowering and achieve better results in the final phase. It is the warmest light of the 3 variants. The chip used is the Citizen CLU48 CRI 97.

  • 3500K - If you are looking for a full spectrum that enhances the crop from start to finish:
Intermediate full spectrum of the 3, for the whole cycle. The chip used in these models is the Cree CXB 3070 in the case of the TGL STAR 60 and the Cree CXB 3590 (more efficient than the 3070: consumes a little less, produces a little more) if we talk about the TGL STAR 100. You ensure a crop with optimal vegetative and a surprising flowering with the same LED from seed to harvest.

  • 4000K - If you are looking for rapid growth and improved flowering with reds:
The whitest color temperature in the catalog. Normally this full spectrum is recommended for the vegetative phase (as is the case of this variant in Quantum Boards), but in the case of the chip that the new STAR models have, the aforementioned Citizen CLU48 CRI 97, having a large Red amount makes them valid to achieve impressive results in all phases of the crop, in addition to improving the growth phase compared to the other options. Its highest red peak is what makes it stand out in other models with the same spectrum.