Watering crops with TGL

Watering crops with TGL

The sun and the wind are two of the main elements that give life, but cannot forget about the water. We are used to water our crops almost in a daily basis and we often program our watering system from the beginning of the crop until the end.

This is a really comfortable system, but it may not be the appropriate one at all, because you´re plants may be suffering from an excess of water. This exactly is what we´re trying to avoid in the TGL crops.

Normally, when using LED lights irrigations are less frequent because the plants tend to assimilate water in a slower manner than usual, this is why we need to keep an eye out when it comes to watering our plants.

This is one ne of the most common problems among the growers with LED here in TGL.

Is it possible for plants to only "request" water every 15 days?

In some cases, and depending on the status of the plant, during the growing process for example, it’s not unusual to wait 10 or 15 days in between the irrigations. In fact, is better to wait instead of watering the plant while it´s still humid. 

This are some of our suggestions to control individually the irrigation in every plant.

Watch the plant, look for the status of the leaves. A really clear symptom is when the leaves bend down even if the plant is completely healthy. In this case it´s loosing water.

Weight each pot before and after each watering, by doing this, you´re going to know when to water again. This can be done by predicting an estimate of the weight manually or weighting the plant with a scale for better accuracy.

Another really easy and effective way is to stick a finger and check if it´s still wet. It may seem like it´s dry but sometimes it´s just the top of it, or the first layer.

To sum up, when it comes to growing under the TGLs it´s preferable a lack in some irrigation than a continued excess of it.