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  • STATUS: PROTOTYPE- NEW UNUSEDAVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 Consumption: 220WAverage production: 290gRight spectrum for both grow & bloomGrowing area:140x70cmFlowering Area: 120x60cm4 x LED Cree CXB3070 3500kDriver Mean Well ELG-240-C1400A, dimmed at 220w.Active dissipation through Sunon fans.Our advice: 2 lamps for one 120x120cm area Dimensions: 80cm (long) x 10...

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  • STATUS: CLEARANCE - NEW UNUSEDAVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 SPECIFICATIONS Power: 240-500 Watts Voltage Range: 90-277 VAC EU plug LED: 1152 pcs Samsung LM301B Flowering Footprint: 150 x 150 cm Veg Footprint: 160 x 160 cm  System Efficiency: 171 Lm/W System PPF Efficacy: 2.5 μmol/joule Total output: 1178 PPF Dimensions: 66 cm x 51 x 7,6 cm Recommended Mounting...

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