New TGL STAR 100



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NEW MODEL with leds CXB3590

Real consumption: 100W / 110
Max production: 1,7 g/W : 170g
Flowering area: 70x70 cm.
Growing area: 80x80 cm.
Ideal for 60x60 or 80x80cm.
Dimensions: 18cm height x 15cm diameter
Weight: 3.2 kg

Production of 4: 400W / 680g
4 lamps are ideal for 120x120cm

LED spectrum (MIXED for all the cycle of the plants)

Delivery February 25

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Specialized LEDs lights suitable for a wide range of horticulture lighting applications, optimizing the conditions of your grow in order to get perfect and controlled results easily.

Our new technology allows you to get the highest lumen quantity with the minimum power consumption.

Build your own indoor grow without climate concerns, with the best growing LEDs company in Spain and one of the world's best grow light. The spectrum of TGL lights makes them perfect for growing cannabis.