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TGL Best LED Grow Lights
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  • Growing area: 60x60cmFlowering area: 50x50cmAverage production: 75gBest production: 100gDimensions: 16cm high x 13cm diameterWeight: 2.1kg-LED CREE CXB3070 3500K-DRIVER MEAN WELL HBG REGULABLE-REAL CONSUMPTION 55W-NOISELESS, PASIVE DISIPATION

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  • Growth area: 140x70cmFlowering area: 120x60cmOptimal production: 300gUnits per m2: 2Maximum production per m2: 650gActual Consumption: 217WDimensions: 80cm long x 10cm wide x 8cm heightWeight: 3,2kg Ideal for spaces of 1.2 x 1.2 m2Improved option with CBX3590: Holders Ideal Holder in the 4 LEDs Consumption 205W - optimum output 320g

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  • NEW MODEL with LEDs CXB3590Real consumption: 105WOptimal production: 160gFlowering area: 70x70 cmGrowth area: 80x80cmIdeal for 60x60 or 80x80cmDimensions: 18cm height x 15cm diameterWeight: 3,2 kg4 lamps are ideal for 120x120cm LED spectrum (MIXED for all the cycle of the plants)

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